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Importing from China - IMPORTCHINA

China Import Services

We provide specialized B2B services for importers of goods from China.
We focus on checking the credibility of Chinese suppliers for importers of goods from China. With constant access to databases and specialized partner portals, we are able to identify fraud (scam) in a short period of time, conduct due diligence to assess whether a particular supplier from China is reliable, as well as review trade documents and monitor deliveries to avoid fraud traps and legal risks.

Through our ongoing cooperation with trusted partner law firms in China, we support the purchasing process and can verify the Chinese counterparty before the client enters the transaction and before any advances are sent to China.

Currently, international transactions with China, due to limited access to financial data and low knowledge of the actual status of business partners, carry significant risks.

Our subscription service IMPORTCHINA is an annual subscription to a legal service, through which the interests of the client's company are safeguarded, suspicious transactions are quickly identified,

For more details. feel free to contact us:
- GSM +48 507 723 805

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